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Are Microgreens Non-GMO?

The argument against whether GMOs are safe or not is as heavy as it’s always been. Some believe they aren’t safe and that individuals should steer clear at all costs. Others believe that they are perfectly safe and that claims against them are fraudulent.

The bottom line is that GMOs have been genetically modified to produce a different result from what nature intended. Fortunately, whether the public can agree or not, there are plenty of non-GMO products available so that each person can make their own choices.

Microgreens, in general, are non-GMO. They are only GMO if GMO seeds were used to grow the microgreens, but this is not common.

If consuming non-GMO products is important to you, you must read packaging labels and order only from suppliers that use only non-GMO seeds.

At Baron’s Microgreens, we believe nature knows what it’s doing. Our microgreens are non-GMO, providing you with the most natural nutrition possible. Take a look at all the products we offer, resting assured that GMO does not play a part.

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