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Barons Microgreens

During their education, these two chefs would practice and use the family as their own personal taste testers!! It was through this journey that the entire family discovered microgreens! Eating became an art in our family and in the farm kitchen, you never knew what exquisite meal you were going to get. IF (and that is a big IF) people knew about microgreens their primary experience with them was as a afterthought. But, our family chefs turned microgreens into an adventure, they became a showcase in our home! But, they were not readily available locally. Hence, why we began growing them for ourselves!

Microgreens not only taste good, but they are very nutritious and provide more nutrition in a smaller portion than their mature counterparts! It wasn't until other family members and friends expressed how much they like microgreens too, that we decided to seek USDA Organic Certification and become official producers on a larger scale. Our chef's use of art in their food translates to art on the farm and in our grow rooms! We strive to create a happy and creative atmosphere throughout our farm and in all that we do. Our microgreens are grown artfully and with passion! And now that we ARE USDA Organic Certified, we are open for business!!

Baron's Microgreens is a small veteran-owned, family-operated business located in the rural outskirts of Los Angeles County. We specialize in growing our microgreens from seed to sale! Being a company with organic principles and growing practices has allowed us to earn our USDA Organic Certification!! We take great pride in knowing that all of our produce is safe and toxin-free. At Baron's Microgreens, we strive to ensure that customers receive their microgreens within a day of being harvested! Because Fresh is Best!

You may be wondering where our inspiration for cultivating microgreens came from for those of us here at Baron's Microgreens. ​Our family is very diverse! At the head of our family are the parents that came together from different cultures and created a large blended family! He has five children and she has four. Blending a family is not always easy, but to quote one of the eldest children in the family, "Your cooking can bring battling nations together!"  And it is the truth! The two have always been ridiculously amazing cooks, but they took it to the next level and became Le Cordon Bleu chefs!

The Farm

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