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Vegetarian Healthy microgreen dill sprouts, radishes, mustard, arugula, sunflower

From Our Farm to Your Table 

Baron's Microgreens is a family run farm that provides organically grown microgreens to local restaurants, stores, and markets.


Microgreens are edible seedlings from various vegetable and herb plants that take around 10-21 days to harvest, depending on the variety that is grown. Microgreens gained popularity in the 1980s in San Francisco, California, and are known for their savory and pungent taste profile. In the past, microgreens were used only as a garnish, but today many chefs are using microgreens as a basic ingredient in culinary dishes around the world.

Green Vegetables
Baron's Farm

You may be wondering where our inspiration for cultivating microgreens came from for those of us here at Baron's Microgreens. ​Our family is very diverse! At the head of our family are the parents that came together from different cultures and created a large blended family! He has five children and she has four. Blending a family is not always easy, but to quote one of the eldest children in the family, "Your cooking can bring battling nations together!"  And it is the truth! The two have always been ridiculously amazing cooks, but they took it to the next level and became Le Cordon Bleu chefs!

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